Tsunagu Research Project

What is Tsunagu?

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The long term mission of Tsunagu Research Project is to increase the number of people who have an open mind while collaborating with people from other countries to contribute to society.

To create an opportunity in which youth scientists work together, while staying at home, in their respective countries, toward solving issues in the world.

What is Tsunagu all about?

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Online platform to foster scientific thought in the next generation

Tsunagu is an 5-month program where students from different countries get to work together to try and solve social issues with the power of research, science, and technology.


Embark on an extraordinary journey in 2024 as Japan takes the spotlight as the host in uniting the students from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. Together, these young researchers will delve into the pressing issue of Food Loss and its sustainable applications, igniting a collaborative quest for innovative solutions.